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I really hope you like the pictures that I have posted here in my Gallery as well as on my site as a whole, the pictures in  this Gallery were taken around 2014, my looks have not changed since they were taken, and of course I will adding new ones as and when I have some available.
I so love to wear and have many outfits that I am willing to wear for you especially if it aids in your fantasy fulfillment particularly in a scenario you have been keen to fulfill
My wardrobe includes such things as schoolgirl uniform, secretary, a nurses uniform, military style outfits, a French maid dress, tight and very shiny cat suit , lingerie, corsets, stockings, high heel shoes , and of course various latex dresses too name but a few, I enjoy dressing up and will happily do this for you.

If you have a particular preference as to what you would like me to wear when I see you please let me know while you are booking me and I will see what I can do to accommodate your wishes.
I also have many props and toys which can be used in order to add to the enjoyment of our session some of which can be viewed in my   profile gallery section, this should help give you a better idea of what I have available. Of course you are welcome to discuss both the outfits and toys I have when booking me, this can be done by telephoning me on my number is 07714728180.
Please note I will not ordinarily model for clients, for either pictures or in video format during normal course of business, if you want to take photographs or video this has to be prearranged beforehand and an appropriate fee has been agreed and paid.